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Congregation Beit Chayim (House of Life) is a Messianic Community. It is NOT currently meeting at this time.  It HAS relocated to Florida.  We are dedicated to the Great Commission and to the discipleship of Believers.  We encourage attendance of a large variety of Jewish and non-Jewish Believers from a wide range of cultures to become a part of the community (Mishpochah). The congregation is united by The Lord, the Ruach HaKodesh and by the belief that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Jewish Messiah who came for the Jewish people first and also to the nations according to Romans 1:16. He is the King of Israel and every nation. In our teaching, worship and prayers, Messiah is the center of our focus.

The Jewishness of Biblical faith in Messiah is expressed through Torah reading, study and discussion, observance of the Biblical Feasts and Festivals, Messianic praise and Davidic dance. We explore the Jewish roots of our faith and we foster sensitivity to our Jewish people.  We do this in an environment which is culturally sensitive.

We provide an environment where Believers can be edified and encouraged in Messianic belief as well as equipping them to do the work which we are called to do. We equip Believers to bring the Good News to the Jew and to be a Gesher (Bridge Builder) to the Church so reconciliation  can be obtained within both groups so that we can be unified in Messiah. 

CONGREGATION BEIT CHAYIM IS IN NO WAY CONNECTED TO OR AFFILIATED WITH THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD.  It is under the direction of the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (I.A.M.C.S.)


Beit Chayim

All are welcome to the house of life!